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October 15, 2021

WFH Office Solutions for your Apartment

There’s a lot of reasons to love working remotely — no commute, noisy coworkers, or cubicle walls. However, as more Americans adjust to permanent WFH or hybrid schedules, it’s easy to lose the distinction between your workspace and home space when the two are intertwined. Whatever space you have to work with, it’s important to make it one you feel good spending time in. Whether you are new to working from home or a WFH pro looking to level up, consider these 6 solutions for your apartment to keep you productive and sane.

  1. Pick a Designated Workspace

  2. It’s important to differentiate your workspace from your personal space. It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, or if you live with multiple roommates and the only space you have is your bedroom, you can still create an effective WFH setup. Find a quiet place away from distractions — it doesn’t have to be big, but it needs to be yours. Your work area should also have ample space for all your equipment and appropriate lighting for video conferencing with coworkers and clients.

    Some luxury rental buildings like The James offer coworking spaces with private offices, perfectly designed for all your WFH needs. Settle in with your laptop and get to work!
  3. Take Advantage of the Perks

  4. It’s important to take advantage of the benefits of working from home. Take meaningful breaks and do something you wouldn’t be able to do if you were working at the office. Find another room, an outdoor space, or a local café — anywhere you can step away to clear your head and come back with a fresh perspective. When you live at The James, you have convenient access to our wide range of luxury on-site amenities including coworking spaces, a coffee bar, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and more.
  5. Maintain a Routine

  6. Although you don’t need to start your day as early as usual, making an effort to get up at the same time every day will help you feel more alert throughout the day, maintain a sharper focus, and feel more rested by nighttime. Schedule in time for breaks — including taking a proper lunch break — and switch off your computer completely at the end of the workday. In addition, set daily and weekly goals to give yourself something to work toward. This will help you stay focused at a time when it’s more difficult to be productive.
  7. Get the Home Office Essentials

  8. First and foremost, get yourself a high-quality, ergonomic chair. If that’s not possible, put a pillow behind your back to give your spine the relief it needs throughout the day. You can also look into getting a standing desk if space and budget allow for it.

    Make sure your tech setup is comfortable for long days and invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, a quality mouse, multiple monitors, and whatever gadgets you need to feel as connected as possible. Many companies are paying or reimbursing employees for tools to support their WFH experience, so check what’s available.
  9. Dress For Success

  10. We all know the temptation of staying in our sweats when working from home. Unless you're on daily video calls with your team, it can be easy to give in and start working in your pajamas. However, your mindset is half the battle — take the time to get ready as if you were going into the office. Feel free to swap the suit or tight-fitting jeans for something you feel less restricted in.
  11. Set Boundaries

  12. It’s important to set boundaries, both for yourself and others, to establish a healthy remote work lifestyle. Boundaries can be around what time you’ll start and finish work, what breaks you’ll take during the day, and where you’ll work. Communicate them to your coworkers and anyone you live with. Boundaries define your physical and mental workspace and help you stay in control of your office and schedule.

Work From Home in Style at The James
If you’re considering a WFH solution for your next apartment, look no further than The James in Park Ridge, NJ. You’ll find everything you need to support your work-from-home experience. Our beautifully designed coworking lounge is equipped with open tables, a meeting room, and private offices to help you find focus for your next Zoom call and achieve ultimate productivity. For more information, contact our leasing team or schedule a tour online today. We look forward to hearing from you!